Dominion Lending Centres Inc will continue to hold its ownership interest in the Non-Core Assets, being Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness and Impact Communications, and will continue to have an investment policy in place. The Non-Core Assets were acquired by Founders Advantage Capital Corp prior to the corporate reorganization announced on October 5, 2020. The Corporation paid $34.5 million in aggregate for the Non-Core Assets.

Club16 & She’s Fit

CLUB16 and She’s FIT! believes it is revolutionary in the fitness industry. The biggest barrier to joining a health club used to be high membership fees, fixed contracts and the perception that you must be fit to go to a health club. Removing these barriers with “no contract memberships”, “affordable start up fees” and “value priced dues” as well as monitoring our health clubs for negative issues that make the average person uncomfortable in the fitness/health club environment, allows our health clubs to be more accessible and affordable to everyone. In pursuing our business model, management feels CLUB16 and She’s FIT! can play a large part in helping more people improve their health and their lives. Chuck Lawson (President & CEO) is the recipient of the 2018 Fitness Industry Council of Canada award, which recognizes a proven industry leader, who is passionate about the wellbeing and promotion of the fitness industry and has contributed significantly in its growth. Congratulations to Chuck Lawson and the entire Club16 team. Please see following link for more information about Chuck’s achievements and this award.

Impact Radio Accessories

Impact is one of the largest designers and suppliers of unique radio communication products for mission critical public safety, military, security, retail and hospitality applications. Headquartered in the city of Kelowna, in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, with a distribution center in Wilmington, North Carolina, Impact has grown to be one of the largest aftermarket brands in North America