DLC Comments on New Mortgage Rules; Announces Increased Credit Facility to Fund Growth Initiatives

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CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Marketwired – Oct. 13, 2016) – Founders Advantage Capital Corp. (TSX VENTURE:FCF) (the “Corporation”) owns a 60% interest in Dominion Lending Centres (“DLC”). With the recent changes to the mortgage rules by the Federal Government, we have asked DLC to comment on the new rules and the anticipated effect on DLC. DLC is not a lender and does not itself offer mortgages but does offer mortgage brokerage services, whereby it assists consumers in obtaining and negotiating new mortgages and mortgage renewals.

“The new mortgage rules announced by the Federal Government on October 3, 2016 caught the entire industry by surprise and we continue to assess the potential impacts of these changes”, said Gary Mauris, President of Dominion Lending Centres. “Our current view is that the new rules will make it more difficult and more costly for many Canadians to obtain a mortgage. In turn, this should result in more Canadians using a mortgage broker as we have access to hundreds of lenders who can provide the right mortgage product at the best rate.”

DLC published a three-page guide to the new rules entitled, “Change of Space: The New Mortgage Rules”. This guide serves to educate clients on the policy revisions and most of all, how DLC can assist in navigating these ongoing changes. A copy of this guide can be found on the Corporation’s website.

“In short, we do not believe the new rules will have a significant long-term effect on DLC’s revenue”, Mr. Mauris continued. “Historically, DLC has proven to maintain its revenue in tougher economic times and has used such periods to add franchisees and mortgage brokers. For example, with the recent economic challenges in Alberta, we compared the revenue for all active franchisees in Alberta through the current recession and concluded revenues for such franchisees was flat, notwithstanding a significant decline in total home sales. We will continue to assess the impact of the new mortgage rules but do not believe this will materially impact our business. Further, after speaking with senior officials in the Federal Government, we anticipate they may still amend many of the new rules in response to industry and consumer feedback.”

The Corporation is pleased to announce that DLC has been approved for an additional $4.0 million revolving credit facility to fund the onboarding or acquisition of additional mortgage brokerage firms and mortgage brokers. In more challenging economic times, DLC has historically been able to onboard additional brokers as individuals are more inclined to join a larger more established organization. DLC has onboarded more mortgage brokers in the current year than it has in any other comparable period of its history. The increased credit facility bears interest at a rate equal to the Bank of Canada prime rate plus 1.5%. The additional credit facility will allow DLC to fund its acquisitions without negatively impacting its cash flow.

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